Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you want to Bonk?

Tour De Bonk 2010 route announced

Click here for the ride map

When: May 8, 2010 @ 0900
Where: Start Healy Heights park
Distance: 67 miles
The Climbs: Old Germantown, Newberry, Logie Trail, Rock Creek, Greenleaf, Council Crest
Climbing elevation: 4.8k

Yes cycling fans, another edition of the Tour De Bonk is about to unfold. Last year's King of the Mountains Robbie Carver says it's the best parcours he's seen in decades. He also says that he's going to serve Mike Kane 2 helpings of Logie Trail for breakfast. Trash talk!
Last year's rookie and white jersey winner Adam Barmada was at the unveiling. " Are you f*%&ing crazy? Is that supposed to be fun?" Fun and good for you too.

If you did the ride last year, you know that it puts the kick in kickass. Or maybe it's the ass part. Regardless, come join the fun. If the whole enchilada looks like too much, there will be shorter loops.

As with last year's ride, we try to give something back to the community by supporting a local charity. The NW Sarcoma foundation is helping patients with sarcoma (a soft tissue tumor) as well as their families with financial assistance, education, and research. This is an 'orphan' cancer that you don't hear much about and doesn't get a lot of funding. To donate, click HERE. If you choose not to donate at least a penny, you will have to carry a brick in your bike jersey.

Where it says Designate a specific purpose (Optional), select 'other' and write Tour De Bonk in the comment section. A Tour De Bonk option should be there soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tucker's first violin recital

Tuck has been taking violin lessons for about 3 months and today was his first recital. He is naturally shy and overcame mountains of anxiety to perform in front of the crowd. Bravo!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Best fishing day ever

For Tucker's seventh birthday, his Grandma Carol gave him (and me) half day guided fly fishing trip. Our guide, Natalie, took us from neophytes to neophytes catching fish in about 10 minutes. This scenes on this video are from the Crystal River in Carbondale, CO.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tour De Bonk Postgame

Thanks to everyone who came out for the bonk. Stay tuned for details of next year's TDB.... If you're looking for a good ride this summer, check out Jackson's Ride The Gorge.

Here's the TDB movie.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tour De Bonk May 9

Break out the granny gear, unpack your suitcase of courage and brace yourself for the Tour De Bonk. This is Rob O's annual birthday ride, but since 2009 marks #40, the ride dishes out extra helpings of agony. There are 4 routes, each expanding on the previous. If the full Tour De Bonk seems like too much to digest, you might be interested in one of the other options. Everyone will start together at Healy Heights Park at 0900 on Saturday May 9. The full ride will probably be around 5hrs. There will be a water stop about halfway through and will be available to all but the lite loop.

This is not a an organized ride and is self supported except for the hose in my buddy Tom's back yard to refill your Camelbak. In lieu of a present (which would be too big to put in your cycling jersey anyway, but thanks for the thought) consider a donation to the NW Sarcoma Foundation This is a great organization based right here in Portland that gives direct help to people and families dealing with sarcoma. If you want to make an impact on someone's life who lives in your community, check out the site and toss in a few nickles. Put "Tour De Bonk" in the 'additional comment' section on the donation page so we can see how much we are giving back while having fun ourselves. Feel free to pass this on to your friends. The more the merrier.

Here are the routes

Tour De Bonk

A festival of pain hitting all the high points on Skyline and the some. Old Germantown, Rock Creek, Logie Trail, Springville, Pittock Mansion, Vista/Montgomery to Council Crest are some of the highlights. This route is 65 miles and about 6k of climbing.

Tour De Bonk Varsity

57 miles. 4600 feet of climbing. Excludes Springville, Pittock, Vista.

TDB Junior Varsity

Varsity minus Logie Trail. 44 miles. 3.2 k climbing

TDB Lite Loop

Junior Varsity minus Rock Creek

26 miles